Promotional Items

Regardless of the size of your business, promoting and marketing it is extremely important. And although that can be costly, promoting your business doesn't have to cost millions of pounds.


Ever since the first commemorative buttons were produced in the late 18th century to celebrate Washington being elected as president, promo items have been a part of everyday life. Today, you can buy t shirts, mugs and cups, calendars and just about anything else promoting the name of a company or a specific service or product. Most of us own at least one promotional product; often we have more than one in our home, office or car. In fact, it's estimated that about 80 percent of us own at least one promotional item and many of us use those items at least one a week. And it's easy to think of promotional items as being discarded or ignored, but many of them are of course useful, and research suggests that about 60 percent of us keep products for up to two years. The first trade show for promo products was held in 1914; today, these trade shows are a multi million pound industry, as companies realise the power of using a simple product to promote themselves.

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Perhaps not surprisingly, promo pens are some of the most popular types of promotional items. In fact, along with computer items, pens and other office equipment are considered to be the most useful giveaway items. And perhaps the biggest advantage of a promo pen is its very usefulness; just about everyone owns and uses a pen many times each day. They are kept by the phone, by the computer, on the hall table and in a drawer in the kitchen. Take a look at the pens in your house, and you may find that most of them are promotional items. Because most of us also use a pen several times in a typical day, it means that the company's name or message is being noticed much more often. However, the effectiveness of subliminal advertising shouldn't be underestimated; often, even if you don't consciously register the company name on the pen, your subconscious will.

Inexpensive Yet Effective

promo pens are also inexpensive to produce and distribute, when compared to other promotional items. And compared to many other items, they are more likely to be kept and used, instead of just being thrown away. About 75 percent of consumers say that the usefulness of a promotional item is the biggest reason to actually keep it. And if you are a business owner or marketing manager considering sending pens to existing or potential customers as a way to attract their business, you may be surprised to learn that a promotional product is about 6 times more likely to get someone's order or business, than a letter or email alone. It takes a lot to grow a business, but you shouldn't overlook the humble pen as an important part of growing your business.